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* Applications for the 2020-21 year-long program will be posted in March 2020.

As a Tuva Fellow, we will support you in elevating your use of data, partner with you to spread data literacy and Tuva more broadly in your school, district, region, or state, and provide you a stipend for your time, commitment, and participation in the program.

“Don't miss the chance to be part of the Tuva Fellows Program. You will not only grow as a professional educator by gaining insight into one of the most innovative educational software tools, but also discover how to more effectively approach data with both students and colleagues.” - Janine Malavasi, 2018-19 Fellow

Fellows are current 5-12th grade educators (science, math, or other subject areas) and coaches/supervisors from throughout the United States. They spend 4-6 hours a month on Fellows related meetings and work (on average) throughout the June to June fellowship.

The experience is largely focused around:

  • Participating in the cohort community,
  • Interacting with Tuva staff and alumni Fellows,
  • Sharing Tuva with your colleagues, and
  • Implementing and sharing implementations of Tuva with others.

Who are Tuva Fellows?

You may want to become a Fellow if you are...

  • Someone who wants to share your love of data and Tuva more broadly to others, OR...
  • Someone who wants to learn more about what goes on under the hood and help make it better, OR...
  • Someone who wants to dive in deeper and better when brining data and Tuva to your students.

You must be a current 5-12th grade classroom teacher/educator (science, math, or other subject areas) OR actively coaching/supervising classroom teachers.

Check out the 2018-19 Tuva Fellows to see the wide range of awesome educators involved in the program!

How do I become a Tuva Fellow?

* Applications for the 2020-21 year-long program will be posted in March 2020.

Complete the online application form, which we anticipate will take 20 minutes. Apply today, spaces are limited!

Apply to Tuva Fellows Program

What are the benefits of being a Tuva Fellow?

Join us and other like-minded teachers around the country to share your success with others, be a leader in how to use data in K-12 education, and amplify data literacy for all.

All participants will receive the opportunity to:

  • Meet and connect with educators involved in integrating data, data literacy, and student-friendly, research-based technology into their classrooms;
  • Explore, as a learner, and process, as a facilitator, how to work with professionally-collected data to answer a wide variety of questions in your classroom and how to share that with your peers;
  • Provide feedback of effectiveness of existing Tuva tools and instructional materials, and beta-test new ones, after implementing them in your classroom to inform future updates and revisions;
  • Receive a stipend, a certificate for professional development hours, and a year of premium subscription.

What are the commitments during the cohort year?

  • Participate in a cohort community of like-minded, data-excited educators;
  • Interact with Tuva staff and alumni Fellows; Share Tuva with colleagues and peers in your school/district/state;
  • Implement and share Tuva with others in your school/district/state as well as with other Fellows to grow in your approaches;
  • Provide feedback to Tuva on their Tools & Features;
  • Explore existing and in-progress assessment tasks in Tuva;
  • Provide feedback on Tuva Instructional Materials and support resources;
  • Submit a Letter of Agreement (signed by you and a supervisor) by mid-May (following acceptance into the upcoming cohort); and
  • Complete all evaluation instruments throughout the year and exit survey at the end of your tenure as a Fellow.