Success Stories

Gain insights into the practical benefits of integrating Tuva into your school or district’s curriculum! Our stories and testimonials will give you an insider’s view into how educators are using Tuva to engage students in rigorous STEM learning and data literacy skill development.

Fort Smith Partners with Tuva to Bridge Data Literacy Gaps in Science & Math Education

Fort Smith Public Schools, an Arkansas school district tucked against the border of Oklahoma, has its sights set high when it comes to STEM education.

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Hear From Our Teachers

Tuva allows students to not only look at their own group's data, but data from 45 different groups from 5 different periods. Students learn to identify patterns, outliers, and relationships between variables and why scientists prefer larger sample sizes!

Steve Hatchel

8th-Grade Science Teacher

Ladera Ranch Middle School, CA

Tuva makes it easy to allow students access to real-world data.

Dori La Bella

Science Department Head

Pilgrim High School, RI

The students loved the functionality and ability to change what the plots looked like. They were curious and continued to play with it even after they were finished.

Autumn Minnick

5th-Grade Teacher

Woods Elementary, AR

Tuva frees up tedious class time needed to create graphs and allows students to focus more on analyzing their data.

Susan Waymire

Middle School Science Teacher

Charles A. Beard Memorial School, IN

Tuva makes statistics come alive! Tuva allows my students to be statisticians. They are able to analyze big datasets and draw conclusions from data they find relevant to their lives.

Annie Pettit

Mathematics Chair and Teacher

Des Moines Christian, IA

Tuva Jr. offers a way to use data sets in science and math for answering questions. It was engaging for students as we learned facts along the way. It was interactive, and exciting to answer questions.

Rebecca Butterfield

4th-Grade Teacher

Coffeen Elementary, WY

View from the Classroom

California Teacher Spiri Bavelas Trains her Students to Know Their Way Around Messy Data

Working with data becomes second nature to students in Spiri Bavelas’ science classroom. Whenever they are completing an experiment in her class, students collect their own data and put it into a shared, class-wide spreadsheet.

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