Learn How to Use
the Tuva Tools

Complete these short interactive tutorials using authentic datasets to learn all the different features of the Tuva data, graphing, and statistical tools.

Tutorials: Creating Graphs & Charts on Tuva

Short tutorials to help students learn how to create different graphs and charts on Tuva.

11 Lessons 1:31 Hours

Tutorials: Graphing Functions & Creating Models on Tuva

In these short tutorials, students will learn how to graph functions and create linear or nonlinear models within real-world contexts.

2 Lessons 0:30 Hours

Tutorials: Calculating Numerical Measures & Summary Statistics

In these short tutorials, students will learn how to use the Count & Percent features on Tuva. They will also learn how to use summary statistics features including visualizing the mean, median, standard deviation, variance, and interquartile range.

3 Lessons 1:10 Hours

Tutorials: Filtering Data, Updating Data Types, and Using Reference Lines

In these short tutorials, students learn how to filter data, update a numerical to categorical attribute, and use reference lines.

4 Lessons 0:30 Hours