Data Literate

Know when, why and how to analyze data

Data Literacy Skills Covered

Each skill is catered for K-12 and Business
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    Exploratory Data Analysis

    Learners engage with authentic, relevant data using different visual tools and functions.

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    Data Collection

    Learners consider different sampling designs, compare them, and address issues of measurement variability.

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    Analyzing & Interpreting Data

    Learners collect their findings, and generate data summaries.

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    Data Management

    Learners study raw data in tabular and other formats, exploring and visualizing the data to identify errors, gaps, and other anomalies.

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    Modeling & Prediction

    Learners complete the data inquiry cycle, making decisions based on the conclusions they have drawn from their analysis.

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    Data Quality & Reliability

    Learners examine questions to identify the ones that can be answered using data.