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Tuva Jr. for Grades 2-5 NEW
We nurture STEM skills through playful exploration and real-world applications.
An interdisciplinary math and science experience designed for kids. 
  • Cultivate joy and wonder by letting kids dig into relevant data. 
  • Boost STEM confidence with our playful tools and careful scaffolding.
  • Lay a solid foundation by applying math to real-world contexts.
Math anxiety affects 33% of kids. Tuva Jr. eases stress and boosts confidence.
Tuva Math for Grades 6-12
Engage your students in meaningful mathematics through the use of real-world datasets.
An interdisciplinary math and science experience designed for kids.
  • Engage students in authentic problem-solving.
  • Develop deeper conceptual understanding of mathematics.
  • Help students gain critical data literacy skills.
  • Increase the rigor of your math instruction.
96% of caregivers say relevance would boost their child's math success.
Tuva Science for Grades 6-12
We bring the real world into your science classroom to create rich, memorable learning experiences.
  • Embrace data as the heart of the sensemaking process.
  • Empower students to practice science like  STEM professionals do.
  • Use relevant lessons to send a message: You belong in science.
Students who reported engaging “often” in graph analysis scored 18 points higher on the NAEP than students who did not.
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Leading curriculum and assessment companies partner with us to bring inquiry-based, real-world learning experiences into their products.

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