Enabling Data Literacy
in the Classroom &
in the Workforce

Tuva is on a mission to build a strong foundation in data literacy from the classroom to the boardroom. We are bringing together research, pedagogy, and technology to develop rigorous instructional and assessment solutions that are used in thousands of schools, districts, enterprises, and government agencies around the world.

Tuva for K-12 Education

Teaching, Learning, & Assessment

We are catalyzing the teaching, learning, and assessment of data literacy across K-12 education. Our supplemental K-12 instructional program enables educators to effectively teach and students to learn essential data, graphing, modeling, and statistical reasoning concepts across their science, math, and other classrooms.

Tuva Data, Graphing, and Statistical Tools

Our research based data, graphing, and statistical tools enable teachers and students to easily explore, manipulate, and analyze their data. Students have uploaded or created 8 million+ datasets, graphs, and charts for their science labs, research projects, field projects, etc. from Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets into Tuva.

Accessibility by Design - Building Tools for All Students

We are committed to ensuring that the Tuva tools are accessible and usable by students with diverse abilities and disabilities. To this end, we are pushing the envelope on designing and developing our data, graphing, and statistical tools so that they meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Learn more about our work on accessibility of the Tuva tools here.

Tuva for Enterprises
& Governments

Learn more about Tuva’s Solutions for Enterprises & Governments at tuvadata.com.

Tuva Team

Annette Brickley

Science Education Specialist

Ben Farahmand

Product Manager

Craig Miller

Software Engineer & Designer

Harshil Parikh

Co-Founder & CEO

Jaimin Patel

Co-Founder & VP of Engineering

Kristin Hunter- Thomson

Professional Development Consultant

Molly Schauffler

Data Educator

Naveenkumar Ganesan

Senior Software Engineer

Prema Sivamani

Software Engineer

Rachana Pandey

Content Specialist

Selva Ganapathi

Software Engineer

Tim Erickson

Data Educator

The Tuva tools enable students to explore and manipulate data to create their own graphs and charts, and promote conceptual understanding of mathematical and statistical topics.

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