About Us

Our Vision

Tuva is founded with the vision that all students would be able to enjoy learning math and science through the lens of the real world, allowing them to relate to and make connections between what they are learning and how it is relevant in their daily lives.

We believe that real events unfolding around the world, whether local, regional, national, or global - and the datasets collected or generated about them - present incredible opportunities to engage students in learning math and science as they explore topics that are of interest to them, their families, and their communities.

Bringing real-world datasets into math and science not only makes learning relevant, it also builds teachers’ and students’ data literacy. We define data literacy as the ability to visually explore and analyze data in various forms, ask questions of data, and use it as evidence for argumentation and decision making. Learn more about our work to catalyze data literacy in K-12 education.

At Tuva, we also believe that a new type of literacy demands a new set of tools. The Tuva Data, Graphing, and Statistical Tools (or the Tuva Tools) enable students to easily explore, manipulate, and analyze data. Students drag and drop attributes into the plotting area to create a variety of graphs, including dot and scatter plots, line graphs, pie graphs, bar charts, histograms, box plots, and maps. They can visualize data in different ways to look for patterns and analyze data using mathematical modeling and statistics features.

Teachers and students from around the world have created or uploaded 75 million+ datasets and graphs into Tuva. You can get started today.

About Tuva’s Instructional Program

The Tuva Instructional Program empowers educators to supplement their core curricula with our Content Library of 800+ standards-aligned, inquiry-based math and science lessons. Learn about our Content Philosophy here.

With Tuva Basic, teachers can access a selection of our math and science lessons for free to use with their students. In addition to our Man’s Best Friend Introductory activities and interactive tutorials, teachers and students can also upload 5 datasets on Tuva for exploration and analysis. With Tuva Premium, schools and districts can implement our comprehensive real-world based, data literacy program to bring authentic, real-world learning into their math and science instruction across all grade levels.

Tuva Curricula & Assessment Partners

We partner with math and science curricula companies globally and in the US to bring the Tuva tools, datasets, and data exploration experiences into other leading programs. Learn more about our partners and innovative partnerships here.

We also partner with assessment companies to develop and bring innovative Tuva-powered data and graphing related items and tasks into next-generation math and science assessments.

As we continue to make progress in bringing Tuva-powered math and science items on state tests, we are committed to ensuring that the Tuva tools always remain freely available and accessible for all students.

Tuva - What’s in a Name?

What’s the story behind the name Tuva? The name Tuva is inspired by the work and teachings of Richard Feynman and the book Tuva or Bust!