Our Vision - Open Data for Learning

We're living in an open data renaissance. Governments, institutions, and organizations across the globe are making their data and information available for free use, reuse, and redisribution. Data related to topics ranging from government spending to scientific research, and from transportation to sustainability is now freely available for anyone to use without any restrictions. Open data is beginning to have a profound effect on our society - making our governments more transparent, driving new businesses and services that deliver new social and commercial value, and empowering citizens with new channels for civic engagement. At Tuva, we envision that the open data revolution, married with the widespread adoption of technology tools for learning, has created unique opportunities for meaningful teaching, learning, sharing, and discovery.

We're on a mission to make open data useful for teaching and learning by offering teachers, students, and parents a platform to analyze, visualize, and interpret real data around issues relevant to their communities and their interests. We believe that analyzing data, spotting patterns, and extracting useful information have become gateway skills for future STEM jobs, to full participation in the workforce, and civic engagement in 21st century. We envision a world in which students are empowered with the skills and tools to address tomorrow's environmental, economic, and societal challenges through data.