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Our sincere thanks to all the photographers around the world who have captured the beautiful, thought-provoking images, and made them available for us to use for our datasets.

Population and Energy Consumption in Texas: Baytownbert

Population & Energy Consumption in Rhode Island: W. L. Tarbert

Population and Energy Consumption in CA: BenSherman

Games won by the Yankees and Red Sox: Ryosuke Yagi

2012 SAT Scores of 32 Brooklyn High Schools: Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

Varying Population Growth Among Nations: Pavel Novak

Global Food Prices Since 2001: Unknown

Population of the Bronx by Zip Code in 2010: Gryffindor

Population and Energy Consumption in CT: Para

Resident Population in Washington: Mark Wagner

Population & Energy Consumption in PA: Arturo Ramos

Population and Energy Consumption in Florida: Wknight94

Population and Energy Consumption in Georgia: Georgia Tech Research Institute

Population & Energy Consumption in NJ: TruffShuff

Population and Energy Consumption in CO: Steve Wilson

Population & Water Consumption in Arvada, Colorado: ChrisEngelsma

Asthma, Diabetes, & Obesity Rates In the Bronx: Jim.henderson

Tourism in India since 1991: Kumaravels

BMX Dirt-bike Racing: Fabrizio

Top 10 Art Museums In the World - By Attendance: Benh LIEU SONG

Team Breakdown - Nuggets vs. Rockets: Jose Garcia

Top 15 Amusement Parks in North America: Sarah Ackerman

Michigan Economy by Area: Patricia Drury

Life Expectancy in 40 Nations (Simplified): Toshimasa Ishibashi

Life Expectancy in Nations Since 1980: Rod Long

National Happiness Index - Example Indicators: Maureen Didde

Deforestation in the Amazon Jungle: Matt Zimmerman

Population and Energy Consumption in KY: The Pug Father

Life Expectancy in 40 Nations (2020): Aaron Bradford

Salary Differences Between Men & Women in US: Tim Mossholder

Air Pollution from Carbon Monoxide: Marcin Jozwiak on Unsplash

Going Up in Smoke: SmartSign

Obesity, ages 2-19 in the US: Peggy Greb, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Winter Olympics: Going Back in History: Jon Wick

Population of Oakland, CA By Race: Basil D Soufi

The Dark Side of Chocolate: John Loo

Man's Best Friend: Scott

Launching Rockets: NASA

Public Charity in the United States: Riccardodalben

Taking Stock: bfishadow

Becoming Barbie: Tracheotomy Bob

Take the Bully by the Horns: Maryland GovPics

Video Games: Lars Frantzen

Stop the Trafficking: Imagens Evangélicas

Earth's Overdrawn Account: Vmenkov

Fighting World Hunger: FMSC Distribution Partner - Risen Savior Missions

The AIDS Epidemic in the US: Center for Disease Control

The Powerlessness of Poverty: Jonathan McIntosh

Top US Metros for Fashion Designers: José Goulão

2013-14 National Girls High School Softball: Ralph Arvesen

Soaring High with Falcons: Craig ONeal

Athletic Training Certification in the US:

Can Plants Save the World?: JLHA3050

Rise of Mobile Phones in South Africa: Simon Berry

Historic Drought in California: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Global Happiness Project - Survey Data: Tyler Olson

The United States Military: U.S. Department of Defense

The Legacy of Imperialism in Africa: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Election of the Indian Parliament: Shahnoor Habib Munmun

The US Economic Boom of the 1950s: David Shankbone

Jewish Migration out of Europe: The Palmach Archive

Welfare Benefits in the United States: U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Steve Johnson

Top 25 NBA Players Of All Time: Photo by Erik Drost CC BY 2.0 DEED

Arctic Sea Ice in March & September: National Snow & Ice Data Center

The Rising Income Inequality in the US: Daniel Case

Income Inequality in the US Since 1947: US Census Bureau

Radio Controlled Cars: Itrados

Rise of Cooking Shows in the US: Scandic Hotels

FIFA World Cup - All Time Rankings: Bet_Noire

US Rare Earth Mining and Sales of Electronics: Martin Röll

History of Wheat Production in Kansas: Takkk

Educational Attainment in US By Gender: COD Newsroom

Atmospheric CO2 and Ocean pH: Toby Hudson

US Medical School Graduates by Sex: Bob211

GMOs, Pesticides, and Bee Population in the US: John Severns

Products Recovered Through Recycling in US: Guinnog

Sea Level Rise in the US: Gryffindor

Tobacco and Jamestown Economy: David from Washington, DC

Population and Energy Consumption in Kansas: Leaflet

NFL 2013 - Team Offense & Defense Statistics: Derrick S.

All About Dogs: Scott

United States House of Representatives: Lawrence Jackson

Mammals Near Extinction: Dave Pape

United States Presidents: White House

US Cities (Part 1): Hakilon

US Declaration of Independence: Public Domain

Periodic Table - Meet the Elements: Alchemist-hp

Oscar Winners since 1929: Prayitno

Dinosaurs: ScottRobertAnselmo

Top 100 Movies Of All Time: hashi photo

US States (Part 1): USGS

2014 West Africa Ebola Outbreak: CDC

Canada Population By Age - 2011 Census: Jphillips23

Provinces of China: J. Patrick Fischer

Apple Production: Sven Teschke

Apple Production: Sven Teschke

Planets - Giants and Dwarfs: NASA

Volcanic Eruptions Around The World: Steven W. Dengler

Tall Buildings Of The World: Nepenthes

Missions To Mars: NASA

History of the Olympics: Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung

World Wildlife Population: Doug Janson

Nearest and Brightest Stars: ESO - Claus Madsen

Properties of Rocks and Minerals: JJ Harrison

Space, Pets, and Lawyers: Heidelberger Life-Science Lab

Lawyers and Honeybees: Björn Appel

Major Cities in Florida: Jon Zander (Digon3)

Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment: Hannes Grobe, AWI

Major Cities in Alabama: Eric in SF

Degrees Conferred to Women - By Major: Essexknowledge

Thermal Properties of Materials (Part 1): NASA

Thermal Properties of Materials (Part 2): NASA

Periodic Table - Properties of Elements: Marcel

Bay Area Science Festival - 2014: FG Trade

South Dakota - Energy and Population: ChristofferRiemer

US Crime Statistics: 1960 - 2012: Yumi Kimura

Devastating Earthquakes: Esteban Maldonado

Energy Consumption - USA vs. the World: Gretar Ívarsson

Nobel Peace Prize Winners: ProtoplasmaKid

US Aid to Pakistan: United States Coast Guard

US States (Part 2): USGS

Social Progress Index: Justin Ormont

Economy of the US: MBisanz

The Mayflower Passengers: Wenceslaus Hollar

Black Friday: Photo by Ivan Samkov via Pexels

The Price of Thanksgiving Dinner: Marcus Quigmire

US Naturalization through the Years: NPS photo by Neal Herbert

Executive Orders and Vetoes by US Presidents: Lawrence Jackson

GMRI Green Crab Data: GMRI

GMRI Purple Loosestrife Data: Ivar Leidus

Pixar vs DreamWorks: Brian Mcgowan

Global Change:

Voter Turnout by Year and Age Group: Pete Souza

Homelessness in the United States: Franco Folini

World War II - The Eastern Front: Unknown

Who Receives the Most US Foreign Assistance?: U.S. Navy

World War II - Military Strength and Casualties: United States Marine Corps

The Holocaust and Hitler's Final Solution: United States Holocaust Museum

World War II - Tank and Aircraft Production: Jerry J. Jostwick

Cycles of the Moon, Earth, and Sun: Orion 8

Cuba: 1976 to 2013: Marco Zanferrari

Sunspot Cycle and Space Weather: Hans Bernhard

Annual Newspaper Advertising Expenditures: Khantipol

Census At School - Raw Data: U.S. Army RDECOM

Census At School - Clean Data: U.S. Army RDECOM

Nuclear Power Plants from Around the World: Stefan Kühn

Passengers of the Titanic: F.G.O. Stuart

Heart Rate Survey Data: rosmary

Viruses & Bacteria: Dr Graham Beards

Heights of Political Leaders: The White House

Cicadas: Toby Hudson

US Slave Trade (Part 1): Unknown

US Slave Trade (Part 2): Rama

Slave Trade (Part 3): Supportstorm

Popular Pets: Prskavka

Land Animal Features: katsrcool (CC BY 2.0)

Notable Asteroids: NASA/JPL-Caltech

China or the USA, Who Eats More Meat?: _BuBBy_

Radiation Exposure: Ed Siasoco

Tsunamis: Mimigu

Historic Snowfall in the Northeast: AgnosticPreachersKid

Moore's Law: Intel Free Press

Tornadoes in the Past Decade: Chris Spannagle

Tornadoes of 2020: NOAA

Super Bowl Ads and Viewership: istock

Earth's Gravitational Field: Hannes Grobe, AWI

Wild Grass, CO2, & Temperature: Javier martin

Antioxidants in Foods: Jennifer Birgl

Periodic Tides in Hawaii, 96 Hours: Alvesgaspar

Periodic Tides in Hawaii, 660 Hours: Alvesgaspar

Measles Cases & Vaccine Rates: 6 Countries: DFID - UK Department for International Development

Measles Cases Around the World, 2009 - 2012: Cynthia S. Goldsmith

North Atlantic Hurricane Tracks: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Hurricane Sandy, Her Brothers and Sisters: NASA

Census of Juveniles in Residential Placement: Ammodramus

Neodymium Magnets: Suradnik50

Densities of Materials: José Manuel Suárez

Copper Wires and Electricity: Averse

Basic Elements: Humans, Earth, & the Universe: ESO/S. Brunier

Speed of Sound: Ensign John Gay, U.S. Navy

Half-life of Isotopes: Department of Energy

Marine Animal Features: Truncatus

Index of Refraction: Zátonyi Sándor

Solar Irradiance: Jessie Eastland

Viscosity: Viktor Mayer

Buoyancy in Water and Mercury: OS2 JOHN BOUVIA

Compressibility Factor of Air: free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.

Ideal Gas Law Applied to Different Gases: Brocken Inaglory

Ideal Gas Law: Bob Cahalan, NASA

Earthquakes from 2000 to 2003: Esteban Maldonado

Avogadro's Law: Sanjay Acharya

Boyle's Law of P & V: Photo by Crystal Kwok on Unsplash

Charles's Law of V & T: Tiddly Tom

Gay-Lussac's Law of P & T: Evan Mason

Tracking a Weather Balloon:

Arby's Menu: Photo by Fernando Andrade on Unsplash

Top Home Run Hitters of 2014: Richard Anderson

Baseball Physics in Motion - 1: Caitlin Conner

Baseball Physics in Motion - 2: Ben Hershey

Periodic Table - Forty Elements: Ed Uthman, Houston, Texas, USA

National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: Almonroth

Annual Freshwater Withdrawals: By Sianid poisen - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

How Many M&Ms in Each Bag?: Evan-Amos

Estimated Numbers of HIV Diagnoses by Race: National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Sea Ice and Snow Cover, 2000 - 2015: Acaro

Global Temperature Anomalies, 1880 - 2014: Giorgiogp2

Numbers of HIV by Transmission Type: LGBT Free Media Collective

Estimated Numbers of HIV Diagnoses by Sex: Jonrawlinson

Populations of Males & Females: chensiyuan

Top 50 Metropolitan Areas: Getfunky

World Population: Past & Future: McKay Savage

NAFTA Job Loss from 1993 to 1996: AlexCovarrubias

US Trade with Mexico and Canada: AlexCovarrubias

Chesapeake Bay: Underwater Bay Grass: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Estimated Streamflow: Chesapeake Bay: Nora lives

Fish Caught in Maryland: Pedro Ramirez Jr./U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Recent College Graduates: Kit

Airline Safety: Wo st 01

Police Serving their City: Nick.Allen

Demographics of Divorce: Ammodramus

PET Plastics: Terence Ong

Sleeping Habits by Age Group: epSos .de

Sleeping Habits of 12 States: Aaron Jacobs

Sleeping Habits by Marital Status: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Medfly Lifespan: Scott Bauer

US Population and Vehicles: Nandaro

American Colleges & Universities, 1993: sach1tb

American Baseball League Salaries, 2003: Keith Allison

Pizza Sizes and Toppings: Scott Bauer

Body Temperature & Heart Rate: Berthold Werner

Used GM Cars: Photo by Ivana Cajina

Sleeping Habits by Race/Ethnicity: Samantha Marx

Sleeping Habits of Males and Females: Jacob Bøtter

Sleeping Habits by Employment Status: Jeffrey Bary

Sleeping Habits by Educational Attainment: MC Quinn

Electoral Votes: Tom Arthur

Teacher Salary & Test Scores, 2001: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Communication Tech Adoption, USA: Simon A. Eugster

Transportation Tech Adoption, USA: Maxim Melnikov

Miss America: New York World-Telegram and the Sun staff photographer: Al Ravenna

Baby Weights & Gestation Length: Andrew Vargas

Roller Coasters Around the World: Jonrev

Teacher Salary & Test Scores, 2013: Jirka Matousek

NBA 2014-2015 Season: Chensiyuan

Marvel vs DC Movies: Yulia Matvienko

Shark Attacks: Albert kok

Low Birth Weight Study: Din Jimenez

Cereal Placement on Store Shelves: Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame: brett jordan

Password Security Survey: Brian Ronald

Life's Biggest Regrets: Gordon Joly

Kansas Earthquakes: Tubbi

Top Internet Browsers: Fabio Lanari

Social Political Views, Gallup Poll: Public Domain

Economic Political Views, Gallup Poll: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Access to Supermarkets in Philadelphia: Eric Hunt

NYC Employment Data 2014: Luca Bravo

Music Project: Darekm135

Projectile Motion of a Steel Marble: Lucasbosch

Animales del Mar: Truncatus

Mochilas: woodleywonderworks

El tiempo de San José: "AeropuertoJuanSantamaría". Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -

Río Barranca: Christian Frausto Bernal

Altura y Peso 6–16: Pixabay

US Census (1900-1990): U.S. Census

Weather Over Kansas by Balloon: ARM Mobile Facility (AMF1)

Pencil Sharpener: Alexander Klink

Hershey's Kisses: IvoShandor

Role of Women through American History: Burke & Atwell, Chicago (Photographer)

Book Measurements (Part 1): Ginny

Gender Identity: Tim Evanson

Hooke's Law: kallerna

Microwave Heating: Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Cuban Migration To Florida : US Census (1950-1990): Nightscream

California Gold Rush: US Census (1850-1900): G.F. Nesbitt & Co.

Traffic Accident Factors (US 2014): Transport For NSW (

Global Gas Prices (1996 - 2012): Tewy

Mercury Levels In Tuna: Danilo Cedrone (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization)

Penobscot Bay Temperatures: Yentpacrr

Boston Marathon Times: JD

US Milk Production By Region & State: USDA

US Gas Prices (1996–2012): Mike Mozart

New England Ice-out Dates: Ken Gallager

STD Morbidity - US Northeastern Region: Center for Disease Control

Castine Tides 2013: Someone35

Household Electricity Consumption By State: Kristoferb (talk)

Vostok Ice Core and Climate Change: NASA

Atlantic Hurricanes: U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NFL Football Helmet Physics:

Ocean Acidification Over Time: Albert Kok

Temperatures and Precipitation for Washington: AgnosticPreachersKid

Precipitation in Washington and Maine: Acadia National Park, ME

Old Faithful Eruption Times: Flicka

Flight Time And Distance: Wo st 01

M&M Measurements: Evan-Amos

Book Measurements (Part 2): Horia Varlan

Resources And Recycling: Andreas Feininger

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: Karolina Grabowska

Ring of Fire Earthquakes (1890–2011): Gringer

Flow Rates in Two US Rivers: Photo by Glen Chambers, CC by 2.0. The image has not been altered.

Washington Weather: Cory Barnes

Historic Mineral Prices: Ra'ike

Snow Pack Study — Old Town, Maine: Emmanuel Boutet

Air Quality & Weather In Four US States: katgrigg

Air Pollution & Populations: Alexandrowicz, John L

Chromosome Counts For Species: Haggblom Lissa

Lake Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen: 3268zauber~commonswiki

Global Sea Level Rise: Adityamadhav83

Environmental Impact of Foods: Petr Kratochvil

Flow Of River Nile At Dongola: NASA

Sudan Household Survey Data: COSV

Sudan Population And Housing Census Data (2008): Karl Grobl/Education Development Center Inc.

Maine Bear Hunt: Greg Hume

Lake Chemistry: Blueeyedgabriel

Day Lengths In US Cities: Nicolas Raymond

Automobile Mileage Ratings (2012): M 93

Wave Height And Sediment Load: Brocken Inaglory

Mercury Deposition: Famartin

Loons And Mercury: Art Weber/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Trends in Cancer Death Rates (1930–2011): Dr. Cecil Fox

Animal Gestation Periods And Lifespans: Gunner Ries Amphibol

Marathon Winning Times (2010-2016): Adrian Grycuk

African Elephant Populations: Thomas Breuer

Oldman River Sediment Load: Eddie Carle

Ozone Hole Size and CFCs: NASA

Coral Reef Bleaching in the Caribbean: 2006-2016: David Darom

Tide and Moon Cycles: JesseW900

Bylot Island Ecology: Ansgar Walk, CC BY-SA 2.5 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Amylase Production (Part 2): A2-33

Preferences of Boys and Girls: Lars Bo Nielsen via Unsplash

Salinity and Temperature in an Estuary: Maine EPSCoR

Tack Tosses: Molly Schauffler

Penny Weights: Roman Oleinik

Phytoplankton in the Gulf of Maine: Dave Townsend, University of Maine School of Marine Science

Life Expectancy In The US Since 1960: Vera Kratochvil

Light Moving Through Materials: By MarcellusWallace (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Square Tiles: Baelde

الحقيبة المدرسية: woodleywonderworks

Properties of Stars: Brightness and Temperature: European Space Agency (ESA/Hubble)

US Government Nutrition Program (2016-17): National Institute Of Health

Autism Awareness: Eric

Effect of Soil Salinity on Plant Growth: Photo by Tim McCabe, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Opposite Sides Of A Ruler: Thespaceface

Calcium and Blood Pressure: Jesse K. Alwin, U.S. Marine Corps

Age and Sign Readability: Photo by Andrew Valdivia on Unsplash

Forbes Boiling Points: Creative Commons

Wolf and Elk in Yellowstone: Yellowstone National Park from Yellowstone NP, USA

Lynx and Snowshoe Hare in Canada: Eric Kilby

Temperature Conversions: Tobias1983

Sea and Land Temperature Change: Kevin Gill

Light Absorption by Plant Pigments: Mindmatrix

Circles: Yami89

Exercise Effects: Cat from Sevilla, Spain

Electoral College Results (1804 - 2020): Ibagli

Household Energy Consumption in Canada: DAR56

Cost of Fuel Consumed for Electric Power Generation in Canada: WinterE229 WinterforceMedia

Household Energy Consumption and Income in Canada: Guilhem Vellut from Vancouver, Canada

Electric Power Generation in Canada: Siemens

San Francisco Weather in October: capnvynl

Climate in Global Cities: Wikimedia Commons, by SuperJumbo 21

Travel Economics: Mike

Smartphone Data Plans: tookapic

US Income Tax Brackets for Singles (2016): United States Department of the Treasury

The Growth of Sugar Kelp: NOAA

Ochre Sea Star Populations: Jerry Kirkhart from Los Osos, Calif. - Pisaster ochraceus (purple sea star or ochre sea star)

Atlantic Seafloor Magnetic Polarization: NOAA

Earth's Magnetic Fields: Dr. Gary A. Glatzmaier, Los Almos National Laboratory - US Dept. of Energy

Polar Sea Ice Extent:

October Weather in US Cities: Alfred Schrock

Owl Limpet Populations: By Jerry Kirkhart - originally posted to Flickr as Owl Limpet, CC BY 2.0,

Eastern Pacific Sea Surface Temperatures: NASA

Electricity Use and State Population: Lesekreis

California Condors: Scott Frier - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The Growth of Sugar Kelp (Part 2): Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

Galapagos Finch Population and Seed Counts: Putney Mark

Rainfall on Daphne Major (1974-1990): Sam LaRussa

Galapagos Finch Characteristics: John Gould

Water on Earth: Brocken Inaglory

Specific Heat of Common Materials: Public Domain CC0

Aquatic Organisms in Acidic Environments (Simplified): Connor Long

Hourly Buoy Temperatures in October: Yentpacrr

World Forests: Miguel.v

Primary Energy Consumption: Naotake Murayama

Comparison of ICBMs: U.S. Navy

Presidential Pardons: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library

Cryptocurrencies: AntanaCoins

USA Economic Recessions: Library of Congress

Corpus Christi and Hurricane Harvey: By Official U.S. Navy Page from United States of AmericaU.S. Navy photo/U.S. Navy - An infrared satellite image of Hurricane Harvey, a category 2 hurricane., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.o

Daylight Hours & Temperature Around the World: By Tesseract2 - Own workThis file was created with Blender., CC BY-SA 3.0,

Mitosis Phases in Onion Root Tip Cells: Doc. RNDr. Josef Reischig, CSc.

Thanksgiving Week Gas Prices: By Unisouth (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

2018 New Year Dataset: State Population Changes: Ondrejk

Ocean Air and Water Temperatures: Ken Walker

Annual US Wildfires: By Unknown -, Public Domain

Extinctions and Human Population: Yathin S Krishnappa

Giant Kelp Growth: NOAA National Ocean Service

Sixth Mass Extinction: By Rita Greer - The original is an oil painting on board by Rita Greer, history painter, 2012. This was digitized by Rita and sent via email to the Department of Engineering Science, Oxford University, where it was subsequently uploaded to Wikimedia.

Influenza Strains: Cynthia Goldsmith Content Providers(s), CDC/ Dr. Erskine. L. Palmer; Dr. M. L. Martin [Public domain]

Human Enzymes: By Yishuzhang (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

La contaminación del aire: Alexandrowicz, John L

Calidad del aire y clima en 4 estados de EE. UU.: katgrigg

Producción de amilasa, parte 2: A2-33

Huracanes atlánticos: U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Polarización magnética del fondo marino atlántico: NOAA

Elementos básicos: humanos, tierra y el universo: ESO/S. Brunier

BMX Carreras de bicicletas: Fabrizio

Ecología de la Isla Bylot: Ansgar Walk, CC BY-SA 2.5 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Cóndores de California: Scott Frier - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

¿Las plantas pueden salvar el mundo?: JLHA3050

Cromosoma Cuenta por Especie: Haggblom Lissa

Cigarras: Toby Hudson

Clima en las ciudades de Estados Unidos: Wikimedia Commons, by SuperJumbo 21

Arrecifes de Coral Blanqueamiento: David Darom

Ciclos de la luna, la tierra y el sol: Orion 8

Duración de los días en las ciudades de los Estados Unidos: Nicolas Raymond

Densidades de materiales: José Manuel Suárez

Terremotos devastadores: Esteban Maldonado

Dinosaurios: ScottRobertAnselmo

El campo gravitacional de la tierra: Hannes Grobe, AWI

Campos Magnéticos de la Tierra: Dr. Gary A. Glatzmaier, Los Almos National Laboratory - US Dept. of Energy

Cuenta de Sobregiro de la Tierra: Vmenkov

Elementos en la tabla periódica - Parte I: Alchemist-hp

Elementos en la tabla periódica - Parte II: Alchemist-hp

Efectos de ejercicio: Cat from Sevilla, Spain

Flujo de río Nilo en Dongola: NASA

Recuento de poblaciones y semillas de pinzones en Galápagos: Putney Mark

Cambio global: Brocken Inaglory

Calentamiento Global y Hielo Marino del Ártico: National Snow & Ice Data Center

OGM, plaguicidas y población de abejas en los EE. UU.: John Severns

Gases de efecto invernadero: Toby Hudson

Nevada histórica en el noreste: AgnosticPreachersKid

¿Cómo afectan los diferentes materiales a las ondas de luz?: By MarcellusWallace (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Índice de refracción: Zátonyi Sándor

Liebre de lince y raquetas de nieve en Canadá: Eric Kilby

Niveles de mercurio en el atún: Danilo Cedrone (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization)

Estrellas más cercanas al sistema solar: ESO - Claus Madsen

Física del casco de fútbol NFL:

Asteroides notables: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Acidificación del océano a lo largo del tiempo: Albert Kok

Animales marinos: Truncatus

Carga de Sedimentos del Río Oldman: Eddie Carle

Tamaño del orificio de ozono y CFC: NASA

Temperaturas de la bahía de Penobscot: Yentpacrr

Planetas - Gigantes y enanos: NASA

Radiacion solar: Jessie Eastland

Velocidad del sonido: Ensign John Gay, U.S. Navy

Tiempo de reacción de mensajes de texto: Ed Brown as Edbrown05

La Física de Lanzar una Béisbol: Caitlin Conner

Tendencias en las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer (1930-2011): Dr. Cecil Fox

Tendencias de la tabla periódica: Ed Uthman, Houston, Texas, USA

Erupciones volcánicas en todo el mundo: Steven W. Dengler

Núcleo de hielo Vostok y cambio climático: NASA

Hierba silvestre, CO2 y temperatura: Javier martin

Lobo y alce en Yellowstone: Yellowstone National Park from Yellowstone NP, USA

Población Mundial de Vida Silvestre: Doug Janson

Montañas Rusas de Todo el Mundo: Jonrev

Dióxido de carbono atmosférico: Karolina Grabowska

New Mexico Big Horn Sheep Populations: Kim Keating, USGS photo

Cougar Mortality: National Park Service, K. Fink

Cambio de temperatura del mar y la tierra: Kevin Gill

US Roller Coasters: Jonrev

Ping-Pong Bounce: Dontworry

Hexnuts: Plbcr

Sound of a Whistle: Paul Vernon

Marine Debris Old version: ceridwen / Jetsam man at Aber Rhigian beach / CC BY-SA 2.0

Water Use in US States (2015): Vitaly

The World's Forests: Daniel Case

Visits to National Parks: Grand Canyon National Park

Hanging Slinky: Roger McLassus

Mercy Education World Wide: Prepper2

Fuel Economy of 2023 Cars and Trucks: Photo by myenergi on Unsplash

Heights of Women (NHANES): Olia Danilevich

Electricity Generation in the US: Photo by Ben, Out with the Old, In with the New CC BY-SA 2.0

IRIS Seismic Monitor Dataset: Image by Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS)

Residential Electricity Consumption in U.S. States: File:1995 Chunghsin I-70-S watthour meter.jpg - Wikimedia ...

Ridgecrest Earthquake Waves: Atomicdragon136

Digging Dinosaur Data!: ScottRobertAnselmo

Ocean Animals: Truncatus

Thick and Thin Books: Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Land Animals: katsrcool (CC BY 2.0)

Different Roller Coasters: Jonrev

Coronavirus in Countries: CDC

Coronavirus in US States: CDC

HIV-AIDS: Annual Global & Regions: C. GoldsmithContent Providers: CDC/ C. Goldsmith, P. Feorino, E. L. Palmer, W. R. McManus / Public domain

Shopping Carts: Boudewijn Huysmans

Arsenic in Well-Water: Diverse Health Services Wordpress Newsletter (via Unsplash)

Spinning Storms: U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Peppered Moths: Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

Nutritional Values of Food: Carissa Gan

Gene Expression: Public Domain

Genome, Genes, and Chromosomes: National Cancer Institute

Air Pollution & World Population (Simplified): Alexandrowicz, John L

Climate by the Month: mbruxelle via Adobe Stock

Daylight Hours In Four US Cities (Elementary): John Smith

Making Electricity: vencav

Energy Use in California (Simplified): New Africa

Where is Water?: vovan

Starlight, Star Bright: Robert

Wild Wildfires: toa555

Streamflow and Sediment (Elementary): Creaturart

Daylight Hours Around the World (Simplified): Polarpx

Carbon in the Ocean: Brian

Long-term Atmospheric Change: Vital

Kangaroos!: 169169

Jiminy Cricket Chirps: Vladimir Wrangel

Changing Ocean Chemistry: Rafael

Who's Using the Water?: Chaucharanje

Food Energy: New Africa

Recycling Materials: Creative Commons

Women Leading: Gerd Altmann

Cricket Chirps & Temperature: PetrP

50 States of Recycling: jpgon

Coral Reef Bleaching: borisoff

Tides Around the World: Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) 2016

SST Around the World: Jaynes Gallery/Danita Delimont

Climate Action Tracks: Backwoodsdesign

Variants and Mutations of a Virus in the US: By Initial author: — manually edited, En rouge - Own work using: file retrieved as Raw download at clades.svg, 2022-04-30, from, CC BY-SA 4.0,

US Federal Deficit by the Year: Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free

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