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Interactive and Powerful Data and Graphing Tools for Student Learning & Assessment

  • Empower students to learn how to manipulate and organize data for exploration and analysis.

  • Enable students to create various graphs including dot plots, scatter plots, bar graphs, line charts, box plots, histograms, and maps.

  • Equip students with tools to create their own mathematical models, make predictions, and provide evidence.

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Library of 500+ Authentic, Real-World Datasets from Primary Sources

  • Real-World Learning - bring relevant and meaningful lessons and tasks into your product

  • No Stale Content - bring fresh, up to date lessons into your product

  • Community-Based Learning - bring local or regional phenomena & topics into your product

Integrate with Ease

  • Natively integrate into your product to offer a seamless experience to your users.

  • Powerful authoring environment for content and writers to customize and author lessons and assessment tasks.

  • Full control over saving and grading student work and responses.