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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Tuva Premium offer for teachers and students?

Tuva offers two separate products that are integrated into one solution for teachers and students. The first product is Tuva’s K-12 Math & Science Instructional Program. The program includes a growing content library of real-world datasets from primary sources and related instructional materials that are aligned to state math and science standards.

The second product is our research-based, powerful, yet easy-to-use Tuva Data & Graphing Tools. Teachers and students can seamlessly upload their data from Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or files from One Drive into Tuva, and they can use the Tuva Tools to easily explore, manipulate, and analyze their data and create their own graphs and charts.

What type of instructional materials are available on Tuva?

Tuva offers teachers a variety of instructional materials to best fit the needs of their classroom. These include: Datasets, Dataset Guides, Data Stories, Activities, and High School Tasks. You can learn more about the design philosophy of the different instructional materials and how to use them in the classroom here.

How many datasets can teachers or students upload into Tuva?

The free version of Tuva - Tuva Basic - allows you to upload a maximum of 5 datasets. With the Tuva Premium subscription, there is no limit to the number of datasets that teachers or students can upload into Tuva.

Are Tuva datasets available in Spanish?

Yes, many of the Tuva datasets have been translated into Spanish. You can explore them here.

Does Tuva support Single Sign-On?

Yes, Tuva supports Single Sign-On with Google and Microsoft.