Tuva Release Tuva Premium Giving Educators Interactive, Graphical Tools and Content to Teach Data Literacy

Oct 2015

Data and Statistics Training Solutions for K-12, Higher Ed and Corporate Markets

NEW YORK – October 5, 2015 – Data about California’s significant drought are more plentiful than rainfall and Tuva is helping students learn how to analyze and interpret this information. Tuva – a data literacy platform where teachers use interactive, visual graphing tools and curated datasets to teach problem solving, modeling, evidence-based thinking and other essential skills – has launched Tuva Premium to give educators hundreds of curated datasets from authentic primary sources. Click to tweet.

Teachers across all subject areas, including math, science, social studies and language arts are grasping for ways to teach data, measurement, probability and statistics not only because new learning standards (including the CCSS, NGSS and the new SATs) require it but because our data-laden society needs citizens to be able to make sound, informed decisions. (See the California drought data set here.)

"Being able to critically think about and make sense of data and information have become gateway skills for successful participation in the workforce and civic engagement with our community," said Harshil Parikh, Tuva founder and CEO. "Tuva Premium gives teachers access to our entire, growing bank of curated datasets as well as ready-to-use, inquiry-based activities and tasks."

Now with Tuva Premium, teachers can choose from hundreds of additional primary sources including NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), NASA, the U.S. Census Bureau, the World Bank and many others. Teachers use these data sets, alongside Tuva’s interactive, easy-to-use graphing and charting tools, to bring inquiry-based activities and lessons into their classroom. Students can choose from a dot plot, bar chart, histogram, box plot or other ways to display the data and then Tuva Releases Tuva Premium Giving Educators Interactive, Graphical Tools and Content to Teach Data Literacy consider what the chart tells them about the attributes’ relationships as they develop foundational analytical skills.

In addition to curated sets, teachers and students can upload their own datasets into their own secure and private repository. For example, students around the country have used Tuva to explore, visualize and analyze data from their biology, chemistry and physics labs.

"Tuva is addressing a very real need, empowering educators to teach and learners to learn data, statistics, modeling and evidence-based thinking. Our research-based, interactive and highly visual graphing tools make data come alive for learners," added Parikh. "We are pleased to offer Tuva Premium to schools and districts across the country."

About Tuva

Tuva is a data literacy company that offers solutions for K-12 as well as enterprises. Tuva helps data novices and learners develop data literacy and critical thinking skills through graphical, interactive analysis of curated datasets from open data sources. Activities guide learners through analysis and interpretation of data and teach how to spot patterns and extract useful information – essential gateway skills for STEM jobs and full workforce participation in the 21st Century. Visit tuvalabs.com to learn more.