Tuva Partners with OpenSciEd to Bring Authentic Datasets and Interactive Data Tools Into OER Science Curriculum

(New York, NY & San Francisco, CA - June 29, 2021) - OpenSciEd, an effort led by partner states, educational leaders, curriculum developers, and philanthropic organizations to improve the supply of and demand for high-quality K-12 science materials, is partnering with Tuva, the leading data literacy instructional platform, to catalyze data literacy and bring authentic datasets and interactive data tools into its middle grades curriculum. Through this partnership, a selection of Tuva datasets will be integrated with OpenSciEd lessons and investigations and be freely available to all districts, schools, teachers, and students.

This partnership will further OpenSciEd’s mission to create and offer freely available high quality science instructional materials. Within lessons, students will be able to explore, question, and analyze real data relevant to the phenomenon and investigations using the Tuva datasets and tools.

“OpenSciEd classroom materials come to life when students ask their own questions of phenomena and data. Tuva provides the platform and real data for students to see the relevance and intrigue in what they are learning,” said Jim Ryan, Executive Director of OpenSciEd.

OpenSciEd materials require students to ask questions of scientific phenomena, conduct investigations, collect and analyze data, and develop and revise models as they explore and learn. Having Tuva’s real-world datasets as well as the interactive tools to conduct powerful data exploration are essential to achieve this vision of science learning.

“Analyzing complex data is a critical scientific practice. We are committed to providing all students the opportunity to learn it,” said Danny Edelson, executive director of BSCS Science Learning and the leader of the consortium developing the OpenSciEd middle school curriculum.

To learn and value science, students need opportunities to experience the work of science by behaving as scientists and engineers.

“Equitable science education demands that all students get opportunities to build their data literacy as they engage in meaningful exploration, analysis, and reasoning with data. We are excited to support OpenSciEd’s mission by bringing powerful data literacy learning experiences for all teachers and students,” said Harshil Parikh, Co-Founder & CEO of Tuva.

OpenSciEd has publicly released 9 middle school units of instruction; the complete grades 6 through 8 science program will be released by February 2022. All OpenSciEd materials are released as CC-BY-4.0 content so that they can be freely used and adapted. As a distinction from other Open Education Resources (OER) developers, OpenSciEd is providing the field with both freely available classroom and professional learning materials.

About Tuva:
Tuva is the leading data literacy instructional program in K-12 education. Educators and students in 18,000+ schools and districts use our library of 1000+ real-world lessons and our interactive data, graphing, and statistical tools to build data literacy and bring authentic, real-world learning into their science and math instruction. Visit tuvalabs.com and get started today.

About OpenSciEd:
OpenSciEd was launched in 2018 as a nonprofit to address the need among teachers and school districts for high-quality, open-source, full-course science classroom and professional learning materials aligned to the National Research Council’s document, A Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). For more information about OpenSciEd, please visit www.OpenSciEd.org