BrainPOP and Tuva Partner to Bring Data Literacy Instruction to Middle School Science Classrooms

Tuva's real-world datasets, powerful data and graphing tools within BrainPOP Science enable teachers to align to standards while making complex topics digestible for students.

(New York, NY - Feb 8 2022) - BrainPOP and Tuva today announced a new collaboration to help science teachers build robust data literacy skills in middle school classrooms across the country. Through a content integration with BrainPOP Science, interactive data manipulatives powered by Tuva will address the pressing need for data literacy instruction. The collaboration invites educators to take standard-aligned science instruction a level deeper by bringing real-world, scientific datasets and Tuva’s research-based, powerful data and graphing tools to middle school learners to ensure every student builds these critical skills.

BrainPOP Science is an inquiry-based instructional and assessment solution for middle school science classrooms. The product incorporates best practices in teaching and learning science to meet state science standards and classroom curricula needs. Scaffolded investigations, interactive simulations and 3D worlds, and embedded mastery assessments enable students to build multidimensional knowledge across life, physical, and earth and space science.

"The volume of data that is available to the general public has become increasingly vast. Yet, it is often complex and out of reach for middle school students," said Michelle Newstadt, Ph.D., lead learning designer for BrainPOP Science. "Tuva brings datasets from authentic sources, like NASA and NOAA, and makes them digestible for students. It equips educators with tools they need to teach students how to interpret real-world data and make informed, evidence-based arguments on relevant issues."

"Engaging with data is a core part of modern education," said Harshil Parikh, co-founder and CEO of Tuva. "You can't empower students with 21st-century skills without teaching them how to inquire boldly and collect, analyze, and visualize data in the real world. Data literacy skills are imperative to prepare students for their future careers and lifelong responsibility as well-informed, contributing citizens."

"Every moment of science instruction is precious, as educators contend with less in-class time to teach and measure student learning," said Scott Kirkpatrick, CEO of BrainPOP. "BrainPOP Science allows teachers to maximize active learning time, creating a space for students to practice science—wherever learning happens. In turn, teachers gain the data they need to guide students toward mastery."

About BrainPOP:
BrainPOP is an online educational solution that makes rigorous learning experiences accessible and engaging for all students. Proven to raise academic achievement, it has been a trusted resource to more than six million educators and has engaged the hearts and challenged the minds of over 300 million learners worldwide. 70% of K-8 U.S. schools turned to BrainPOP as a go-to resource during remote learning, and nine out of 10 educators would recommend it to a friend or colleague. BrainPOP provides endless opportunities for kids to take agency over their learning through playful, knowledge-building content and learner-driven projects that strengthen critical, computational, and creative thinking across the entire curriculum. The company is committed to empowering kids to succeed and thrive in the classroom and beyond.

About Tuva:
Tuva’s next generation data, graphing, and statistical tools and instructional program are bringing real-world and engaging math and science education to teachers and students globally. With over 100 million datasets, graphs, and charts uploaded and created, the Tuva tools have become the digital tools of choice for students to learn how to explore, visualize, and analyze data and learn important data literacy skills. Over 5 million teachers and students use the Tuva Content Library and Instructional Program to bring authentic, powerful learning in the classroom. Visit and get started today.