Building on Success in the Science Learning Challenge, Tuva Also Chosen as Grant Winner for the NewSchools Ignite Middle & High School Math Challenge

May 2016

Tuva Premium for schools and districts is enabling science and math educators to build a strong foundation in data literacy, critical thinking, and analytical reasoning in their classrooms

NEW YORK – May 6, 2016 – Tuva was chosen as one of the winners of the New Schools Ignite: Middle and High School Math Challenge. Back In October 2015, Tuva was also selected as a grant winner for the NewSchools Ignite: Science Learning Challenge, giving it an unique distinction as being the only organization among hundreds of education-technology companies to be selected for both math and science learning challenges.

“These entrepreneurs address one or more of the critical needs voiced by teachers and students, with products that create rich experiences where students can learn math conceptually through real-world content, employ elements of collaboration, access engaging contexts, and receive age-appropriate support – if needed – to build the foundation required to shift from basic to more complex math” said Esther Tricoche in a blogpost announcing the winners.

“This grant is further evidence of the importance of data literacy across both the Common Core as well as the Next Generation Science Standards, and recognizes the inherent challenges for educators to effectively teach and for students to learn essential concepts and skills related to data, measurement, graphing, modeling, probability, statistics, and analytical reasoning”, said Harshil Parikh, Co-Founder & CEO of Tuva.

Tuva Premium brings together 1) a library of authentic, curated datasets on real-world topics (Tuva Datasets), 2) interactive, powerful, yet incredibly easy-to-use graphing and visualization tools, and 3) teaching resources in the form of lessons, activities, and assessments into a cohesive learning platform.

Students are able to understand the role that data plays in our ability to make sense of the real-world, as they obtain a deeper, conceptual understanding of exploring, visualizing, and analyzing data, creating models, using statistical methods, and reasoning analytically – all critical topics across math and science content standards and practices.

In preparation for the 2016-17 Academic Year, educator teams in schools and districts across the country are integrating Tuva into their core curricula, gaining access to research-based technology tools, teaching resources, and the rigorous professional development to effectively teach these difficult concepts to their students.

Tuva at the New Schools Summit

Tuva is scheduled to participate in a session alongside WestEd and NSVF Ignite on EdTech Research that Empowers Educators and Entrepreneurs at the New Schools Summit in San Francisco on May 11, 2016.

Other participant teams in this session include: Distinctive Schools, Rocketship Education, Lexia Learning, Proving Ground Project at Harvard Center for Education Policy Research, and MIND Research Institute.

About Tuva

Tuva is the leading data literacy company that empowers data novices to build a strong foundation in data, statistics, and analytical reasoning.

Tuva offers data literacy solutions for schools and districts, businesses, and organizations working in sustainable development. Through our growing library of interactive, authentic, and relevant datasets, modules, and lessons, learners are able to master the most-critical, foundational concepts and skills in data, statistics, and analytics.

Tuva's Data Literacy Solutions are available in English, Spanish, and Arabic.