Tuva Jr. - Ignite Curiosity with Real-World Applications!
An Interdisciplinary Experience Designed for Kids
Help kids fall in love with math and science.
  • Cultivate the joy and wonder of math

    Students develop a positive math identity as they dig into data that’s personally and culturally relevant.

  • Build confidence

    Tuva’s playful, interactive math tools paired with careful scaffolding make learning fun, not stressful.

  • Lay a solid foundation.

    Students build a deep conceptual understanding as they apply mathematical ideas to solve problems and make sense of the world.

96% of caregivers say relevance would boost their child's math success.
What is included in Tuva Jr.
  • Tuva Jr. Data and Graphing Tools

    Our tools put kids in the driver’s seat. By dragging and dropping, they create a variety of graphs and easily revise them as their thinking changes.

  • Pre-Made, Interdisciplinary Lessons

    Our interdisciplinary lessons enable time-pressed teachers to address science concepts while learning important math skills.

  • Activity Builder

    Create your own activities and lessons. Select a dataset pertaining to the standard you’re teaching, then use our activity builder to write your lesson.

30% of 4th-graders participate in science inquiry “never” or “once or twice per year.”
How does Tuva Jr. fit your instruction?
  • Tuva Jr. works alongside your core math and/or science curriculum. Use it to add relevance and real-world applications to the concepts and skills you are already teaching.
  • Our interdisciplinary lessons enable time-pressed teachers to address science concepts while practicing important math skills.
  • Lessons can be completed as a whole-group on an interactive whiteboard, in small groups on a shared device, or individually.
  • Tuva Jr. activities are short, designed to be completed in about 20-minutes. Use them as an interactive component of a multi-faceted lesson.


Tuva Jr. transforms our classroom into a vibrant hub of exploration

BJ Barrie

5th-grade teacher

This platform offers a way to use data sets in science and math for answering questions.

Rebecca Butterfield

4th-grade teacher

With just the click of a button, Tuva Jr. easily organizes data into a visual display that is eye-appealing for students no matter their ability level.

Cristina Gorzalka

5th-grade teacher

Tuva Jr. provides the data and makes the charts, so we can focus on reading and understanding the data

Cindy Grizzle

4th-grade teacher