Overview of Tuva Content Materials

  • Self-Guided Lessons

    Learn and practice specific tools, data skills, and concepts.

  • Curriculum Activities

    Apply data skills to build or enrich content understanding.

  • Data Stories

    Combine science practices and content understanding to make sense of data as evidence.

  • Tuva Projects

    Design and carry out investigations, develop evidence, and communicate findings.

  • Formative Assessment Tasks

    Assess formatively competencies in data skills, content understanding, and practices. (Coming 2018)

Tuva Promotes Three Dimensional Science Learning

  • Bring Core Ideas of Science To Life Through the Lens of Data

    Teach real-world phenomena and important processes through relevant data your students or others have collected.

  • Develop Students’ Capability to Engage in Scientific Inquiry

    Empower students to question, investigate, evaluate, and develop explanations and solutions using data.

  • Build a Coherent and Scientifically Based View of the World

    Enable students to explore connections across physical science, life science, earth & space science, and engineering domains.

Tuva Builds Conceptual Understanding of Essential Mathematics and Statistics Concepts

  • Technology Tools to Engage and Enhance Student Learning

    Tuva’s research-based tools and inquiry-based tasks enhance students’ learning and application of essential mathematical, statistical, and probability concepts.

  • Connect Classroom Concepts to Solve Real-World Problems

    Tuva’s authentic datasets and tools provide students opportunities to apply mathematics and statistics concepts to solve meaningful problems in real-world contexts.

  • Integrate Tuva into Your Traditional or Integrated Pathway

    Tuva can be readily incorporated into your courses whether you are adopting a traditional pathway or an integrated pathway for teaching mathematics.

Tuva Content Library

375+ Authentic, Curated Datasets For Teaching and Learning
  • Datasets From:

    FDA The Census Bureau
    WHO Department of Energy
    The World Bank and many more...click here

    Subject Areas:

    Earth Science Social Science
    Life Science Biology
    Physical Science Chemistry
    Mathematics Physics
    Statistics and many more...click here

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