Tuva Promotes Three Dimensional Science Learning

  • Bring Core Ideas of Science To Life Through the Lens of Data

    Teach real-world phenomena and important science processes through the lens of data.

  • Develop Students’ Capability to Engage in Scientific Inquiry

    Tuva empowers students to investigate, evaluate, and develop explanations & solutions using data.

  • Build a Coherent and Scientifically Based View of the World

    Enable students to explore connections across physical science, life science, earth and space science, and engineering design domains.

Tuva Builds Conceptual Understanding of Essential Mathematics and Statistics Concepts

  • Technology Tools to Engage and Enhance Student Learning

    Tuva’s research-based tools and inquiry-based tasks enhance students’ learning and application of essential mathematical, statistical, and probability concepts.

  • Connect Classroom Mathematics and Statistics to Solve Real-World Problems

    Tuva’s authentic datasets and tools provide students an opportunity to apply mathematics and statistics concepts to solve meaningful problems in real-world contexts.

  • Integrate Tuva into Your Traditional or Integrated Pathway

    Tuva can be readily incorporated into your courses whether you are adopting a traditional pathway or an integrated pathway for teaching mathematics.

Tuva Datasets Library

375+ Authentic, Curated Datasets For Teaching and Learning
  • Datasets From:

    FDA The Census Bureau
    WHO Department of Energy
    The World Bank And Many More...

    Subject Areas:

    Earth Science

    Social Science

    Life Science


    Physical Science





    And Many More...

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