Rigorously Implement the Practice of Science in Your Classroom

Integrate data across your instruction
  • Enable students to ask questions, explore scientific data, and reason as scientists and engineers using data.

    Integrate science and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts with science content to effectively support three dimensional science learning.

    Engage students in doing science, exploring data, and applying their knowledge to deepen their understanding of core ideas in science.

Tuva Activities Blend Disciplinary Content, Practices, and Concepts from NGSS and CCSS-M

  • With Tuva, students can learn to

    • Ask questions about evidence
    • Choose how to visualize data among a variety of graph types, based on the question asked.
    • Visualize and describe relationships between factors.
    • Turn qualitative descriptions of phenomena into quantitative statements
    • Apply quantitative tools in a scientific context
    • Reason about evidence in terms of statistical concepts such as variability and certainty
    • Use statistical thinking when analyzing data
    • Model and describe relationships using algebraic expressions
    • Make viable arguments that are supported with quantitative reasoning
    • Describe mathematically how a phenomenon changes through time
    • Describe and interpret variability in a population or sample

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