Real Data - A way to integrate social justice issues into the math classroom?

Social Justice
Common Core

Can mathematics be used to teach and learn critical social justice issues in our society? Can our students learn mathematics as they explore and dig deeper into critical social justice issues in our society?

These are important questions for an increasing number of math teachers around the US and the world, and it's something I have been thinking about quite a bit since attending two sessions related to this topic at the NCTM conference earlier this year.

I believe that real datasets around various social justice issues can be used to kick start meaningful conversations and math activities and problems around these topics.

There are many datasets on TuvaLabs related to topics of global development, income inequality, life expectancy, poverty, HIV/AIDS, etc. that can be used as context for students to learn and practice important math concepts across various grade levels.

Math Teachers - do you wish to bring social justice issues into your classroom? If so, how can the datasets on Tuva help? What else do you need to get started?

5 years, 6 months ago by hsparikh