Black History Month by the Numbers

Social Studies
Black History Month

Part of being a well educated person is having the ability to talk about race in a sensitive and constructive manner.  On Tuva Labs discussion board I've provided six websites that have important statistics about African Americans from colonial period through today. Please use these in your classes to add statistics to the anecdotes and stories you are teaching, or use the statistics alone and teach students to find stories in the numbers.  And of course, if there is a particular topic would like to see in a dataset please request one and we will be put it together as soon as possible. 

No time? Try presenting one statistic a day for a week. Then encourage students to find some numbers on their own. Train students to write questions about the numbers and see where that discussion goes! 


Slavery, by the Numbers by Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Facts from the U.S Census Bureau

Health Report from the CDC

Report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Department of Labor Report on the Black Labor Force

State of African American Women by the Center for American Progress


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