Learning Objectives & Outcomes

Common Core Math Standards include: * **8-SP-1:** Represent 2 quantitative variables using a scatterplot * **8-SP-1**, **8-F-5:** Describe the relationship between 2 variables * **8-SP-2**, **8-F-4:** Use the movable line on Tuva to fit a straight line for scatter plots that suggest a linear association. * **8-SP-2:** Assess the model fit informally * **8-SP-3**, **8-F-4:** Explain the meaning of slope and y-intercept in context * **8-SP-3:** Use the model to estimate the value of a variable, and to make predictions * **8-F-2**, **8-F-3**, **8-F-4:** Compare models of 2 functions. * Acknowledge that a model is a close approximation of the data and that it is not reality.


### Attribution ;;br The activities and lessons are inspired by a book called **The Model Shop** by Dr. Tim Erickson. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. Erickson for the ideas and inspiration.

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