Data & Statistics Learning & Development Program For Your Non-Technical Workforce

  • Data Can Become Your Competitive Advantage. A Data Literate Workforce Is Essential To Make It Happen

    Data Literacy Skills Must Spread Beyond the IT Department, and Become An Integral Aspect of Every Business Function and Activity

  • According to PwC’s 6th Annual Digital IQ Survey of more than 1,400 leaders from digital businesses, the area of investment that tops CEOs’ list of priorities is business analytics.
  • Is your Non-Technical Workforce Data Literate?

Tuva’s Data Literacy Training Solutions

  • Assessments to Measure Strengths & Weaknesses

    Assess Candidates for:

    • Statistical Thinking & Reasoning
    • Analytical Thinking & Evidence-Based Decision Making
    • Data & Statistics Literacy
  • Data & Statistics Literacy L&D Program

    • A personalized learning pathway to build a strong data and statistics foundation
    • Learn from wide range of authentic lessons and business case studies
    • Comprehensive Learning Analytics &smp; Reporting

Interactive, Hands-On Data Literacy Curricula & Modules

  • Tuva Curricula Topics Include:

    Various Classes of Analytics

    Data Collection Methods

    Correlation vs. Causation

    Modeling & Predictions

    Data Quality & Reliability

    Data Privacy & Data Security

    Data Compliance

    Customer Analytics

    Marketing Analytics

  • Learn By Tackling Business Cases Using Authentic Data From Industry:









    And many many more...


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Case-Based Modules & Lessons Using Authentic Data

Features & Benefits

  • Pre- and Post-Assessment to Measure Progress and Growth

  • Industry-Specific Data Literacy Modules

  • Hands-On, Interactive, Engaging Training Environment

  • All Lessons Include Working with Authentic Data

  • Data Literacy Modules Targeted for Specific Job Profiles

  • Detailed Insight on Engagement, Completion and Learning Outcomes

Tuva’s Data Literacy Solutions for Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2018